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Made a little progress on this problem, but still stymied.

I now have a t-mobile modem w two outs. I connected one out directly to a desktop. the other out goes to a netgear router where everything else is connnected, including laptops, raspberry pi, printers.

w laptop connected to router, can't get to mynode.local. but internet is fine.

I have a feeling it may be related to a previous problem. I can get internet on anything connected through the router. But despite following all the usual instructions about network discovery, allowing sharing, etc, I can never access anything connected to the router. I never could access files on other computers, access the printer, etc.

previously, I had a comcast modem with one out that went to the router and everything connected to the router. I had internet everywhere, but still no access to other computers, files, printers. But with the raspberry pi connected to the router, I was able to access mynode from any computer.

Any ideas where to start trouble shooting this? (Everything at home is hardwired ethernent. I disabled wireless on the T-Mobile modem. Wireless is accessible on demand when I want it from the router. )

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