Port 8333 question

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Port 8333 question

Post by asifshiraz »

I just installed mynode on a raspberry pi.

I obtained a static IP for my router, allowed port forwarding on my router on 8333 to raspberry pi, and gave the pi a fixed dhcp lease. Then I went to bitnodes and tried to reach my ip on 8333, but it didn't reach.

I googled and did a local test to see if my 8333 port is open. Turns out, if I telnet <ip> 8333, it does not connect. Although it does connect telnet to <ip> 8332 (the rpc port).

So, question is:

Why didn't mynode open 8333 automatically. I thought bitcoin needs it open to talk to other nodes by default.

If it does open by default, why my telnet fails.
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Re: Port 8333 question

Post by Wiredancer »

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Bitcoin daemon needs 8333 only for incoming connections. It will initiate outgoing connections just fine without opening port on your router. In order to be reachable from outside you need port open, but also you need public ip address given to you by your internet provider, which is usually paid extra. Also advertising your node public home address can result in security issues.

I would suggest you to close the port on your router and check mynode bitcoin section and you will see node still connects. Also mynode by default uses TOR network for both incoming and outgoing connections which is more secure.

Let me know if you have anymore questions.
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