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UPDATE: Version 0.2.55

Posted: 08 May 2022, 17:58
by Wiredancer
New upgrade is out!

=== v0.2.55 ===
- Released: 05/06/22
- Add LNDg (beta)
- Upgrade LND to v0.14.3
- Upgrade Specter to v1.9.4
- Upgrade BTC Pay to v1.5.1
- Upgrade RTL to v0.12.3
- Upgrade Thunderhub to v0.13.11
- Upgrade Sphinx Relay to v2.2.8
- Upgrade BoS to v12.7.0
- Upgrade LiT to v0.6.7
- Upgrade Pool to v0.5.6
- Refactor BTC Pay Server Install
- Add option to regenerate SSH keys
- Add warning for subnet conflicts
- Basic dynamic app support

I have upgraded using community guide on Raspi4 with 8GB RAMM.
Took 35 minutes, no errors.

Please let us know if you have any issues with the upgrade.

Happy routing.